Greetings and welcome to Agamems Beauty. I am Danielle Copper, CEO of Agamems Beauty and mother to Hunter! Like many of you, during my mid teens/early twenties I suffered from a severe case of eczema. My condition nearly broke me in that I was constantly embarrassed socially, it made me self-conscious and depressed. I went to many dermatologists who prescribed everything from antibiotics to creams to cortisone shots in each pimple, all to no avail. Exhausted and desperate for a remedy I decided to take matters into my own hands and began to research natural natural elements and ingredients that would enhance my skin care regimen. My search led me to the many natural benefits found recognizable in the ingredients that I later curated into soap for face and body, detoxing clays, carrier oils, essential oils, and herbs. I didn’t want any chemicals in my soap. Just like that my pain and suffering was over. My new glow gave me new confidence! I was no longer embarrassed, no longer self-conscious and was pleasantly surprised by all the newfound attention I was getting. Right then I decided to turn my pain, into my passion to bring hope to others that are experiencing issues with their skin and hair!

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